Watch Our New Chemical Blending Video

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

4th June 2021

ReAgent has been providing high quality, bespoke blending services for over four decades, so we thought it was high time to give you a glimpse at how we do things! Watch our latest chemical blending video to see exclusive shots of our manufacturing facility as we talk about everything our service has to offer. 

Bespoke Chemical Blending

From antifreeze to caulking compound, our bespoke chemical blending service can accommodate a wide range of products and requirements, ensuring your every need is met. 

During the video, we’ll explain how we’ll take your product from A to Z with our comprehensive range of services and support, including the pre- and post-treatment of blends right through to delivering your product worldwide with our ADR-approved couriers. 

Highlights of this service include:

  • Accreditation to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485
  • Custom label design and tailored packaging options
  • Ensuring products comply with regulatory requirements
A mixing tank in the ReAgent Chemicals factory, Runcorn, UK

Advanced Chemical Blending Equipment

In the video, you’ll also get to see our state-of-the-art blending equipment, including power blenders and high viscosity blending machines. These are the stars of the show because they allow us to:

  • Achieve filtration levels as low as 0.2 micron
  • Carry out blends at elevated temperatures
  • Blend substances up to a viscosity of 50,000 centipoise

The bottom line of all this equipment is that we can guarantee your product will be of the highest possible quality. This is also promised by the range of ISO accreditations we hold, which ensure that we follow stringent quality standards and employ environmentally sustainable practices.

Watch our chemical blending video now to see our team of experts in-action!


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