Characteristics of a Chemical Blending Company

Jessica Clifton

by Jessica Clifton

23rd January 2019

Quality chemical blending companies share some similar characteristics. These characteristics are important to consider when you’re choosing a company that’s right for your chemical blending needs.

What Is Chemical Blending?

Chemical blending is a common manufacturing process which combines two or more different chemicals for use across many different industries. These chemicals can take various forms; they can be liquid or powder, organic or inorganic, and they can be blended into different viscosities, pH and filtration levels, etc.

Characteristics of a Chemical Blending Company

Chemical blending companies understand how chemicals interact and react, have the correct safety measures in place, the right chemical blending technology and equipment, and can often package and transport the final product once the chemicals have been blended.

For example, at ReAgent we are able to handle and customise any liquid, powder, cream or gel in our state-of-the-art factory, as well as packaging and transporting the final product.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Chemical Blending Company?

Chemical blending might be a basic manufacturing process, but it is crucial to do it correctly. There may be multiple ingredients in the blend, the correct technology and equipment must be used for the particular blend, and potential interactions and reactions between the different chemicals in the blend must be considered.

State-of-the-Art Chemical Blending Equipment

The wide variety of chemical blenders includes ribbon blenders, paddle blenders, tumble blenders and more. Some are better for blending dry ingredients, others for gentle blending, still more for liquids. A good chemical company will use state-of-the-art blending equipment that’s right for the job. Not only will they consider the ingredients in the blend, but also timings, quantities, efficiency, cost, and of course safety.

A Team of Knowledgeable & Experienced Chemists

Characteristics of a chemical blending company

The chemical blending process requires specialist technical knowledge, people who know and understand the best tools to use for your particular job, and who are equipped to handle the process. Chemical companies will have highly trained chemists who bring their knowledge, expertise and support to every chemical blending process. They will consider health and safety requirements, have a complete understanding of the end-product chemical, and quality-check the process and blend rigorously. They will also be able to provide advice on alternative products and processes as well as research and development projects.

Custom Chemical Blending

If you’re looking for a chemical blending company, you may need a product that is unique to your needs. It’s important that you get a product that’s exactly right – whether it’s to be used as it is, or whether it will be used as part of another chemical process. Chemical companies have the expertise required to get the blend right and they can tailor exclusive custom formulations to your specific requirements. They will provide advice and their vast knowledge and expertise to support you in getting the product you need, and they will conduct rigorous testing to get it just right.

Add-On Services

Characteristics of a chemical blending company

Some chemical companies don’t just stop at the end of the blending process but offer add-on services as well. This might include packaging and labeling options to suit your budget and requirements, whether you need a bulk delivery or single-use containers. They will also ensure that the packaging materials used are compatible with your chemical blend, whether it’s corrosive, flammable or toxic.

You will also find chemical companies who offer after-sales technical advice, so you have the support you need once your chemical blend is ready.

Good chemical blending companies can make the blending process more efficient and cost-effective, save time and cost, provide advice and expertise from in-house chemists, and take care of the end to end process.

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