Client Background

After becoming the first professional ice sculpting company in the UK, they have built up an impressive portfolio of magnificent ice sculptures; from ice bars to larger-than-life ice statues, and ice buildings to ice pianos.

It’s difficult to summarise the range of high-profile clients that have worked with Ice Sculptor specialists. They have quite lieterally worked with an avalanche of major brands including Audi, Smirnoff and MTV and their work can be seen in Hollywood films such as Frankenstein and Captain America: The First Avenger.

They have provided the ice and snow focus points for the biggest campaigns and events that feature internationally-recognised celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Elton John.


Business Objective

ice-sculpture-case-studyThey required a company in the UK that could supply high-quality distilled water quickly, in high quantities and at a competitive price.

The distilled water was to be used in the sculptures to make the ice clear. The minerals found in regular water give ice a cloudy effect, which would take away from the crystal clear, pure ice sculptures that Hamilton are able to produce.

Our Response

Initially requested an order of a number of IBC’s of distilled water. They later followed this with another order.

We’re pleased that these bespoke creators chose to continue their orders with us and are looking forward to seeing any future creations that the company are able to sculpt.

Dancing Ice Robot for Ballantine’s Whiskey

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