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Client Background

Deo-Go, the only product on the market that can successfully get rid of discoloured areas and stiff patches on your clothes that result from the residue from deodorants and antiperspirants.

Business Objective

To develop a unique cleaning solution, for a problem that was previously never properly dealt with in the cleaning industry. The company created the formulation and wanted to outsource the manufacturing and packaging operations to an organisation with the appropriate equipment.


  • To use the formulation already created and supply it in bulk, with the correct packaging
  • To protect the product integrity and ensure the invention is protected by not sharing information with outside parties

“As a new company with a new product, we found ReAgent to be the perfect partners. Throughout the entire process we were given great advice and suggestions. Their patience and help was incredible, and the level of service we received gave us complete confidence”.

– Becky Dare, Director

Deo-Go Good Housekeeping Institute Approved-2013

Deo-Go was approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2013

Our Solution

Dedication and Attention to Detail

We developed a close business relationship with the creators of Deo-Go and worked with them to develop the product over a number of years. We manufactured the required liquids to ensure the product was just right, by working to exact specifications. We now manufacture 1000 litre batches of the liquid solution to the customer’s own specification.

An Understanding Partner

We signed a non-disclosure agreement in advance to protect the product and ensure the vital information would not be released. It was important that they could trust us with their formulations, processes and product.


The creators of Deo-Go were able to securely share their developed formulation with us and be confident in the knowledge that we would manufacture the completed product to their exact requirements. Deo-Go described ReAgent as “incredibly helpful” and were pleased that they were offered “endless advice and other solutions” throughout the first stages of the blending process.

“We are often asked to sign confidentiality agreements so this is nothing new for us. We understand the importance of complete discretion when working closely with another company on their product development, especially when the product has the potential of Deo-Go. It has been a pleasure developing our relationship and we look forward to continuing to support their business operations.”

– Michael Gould, Sales Manager at ReAgent

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