GX Laboratories Case Study

Client Background

They approached ReAgent back in 2008 and since then, the company has changed considerably. The team are now known as NMR Associates. NMR Associates are consultants that come up with designs for new products, when they are approached by companies with an idea.

Business Objective

This company were developing a range of products including an anti-bacterial material, which would be capable of sanitising without any associated risks of sensitivity, skin irritation, corrosion or respiratory problems.


  • Mix chemicals for trial formulations
  • Create a formulation which, when applied, would evaporate and leave behind an active ingredient
  • Export chemical blends to Taiwan

“ReAgent has worked closely with us to provide specialist solutions we require. ReAgent has given us great customer service and technical support.”

– John Toft, Chemist

Our Solution

Developing Formulations for a Range of Needs

ReAgent successfully supplied multiple chemicals for our client. ReAgent then mixed chemicals for two trial blends; one being a specialist formulation of Acetates and the other being a disinfectant solution based on Glutaraldehyde.

ReAgent also created the formulation which would evaporate and leave an active ingredient upon application, sourcing all the components for this formulation. We were also responsible for preparing SOP’s, creating a Sales Specification for the new product, and writing and supplying MSDS’s in accordance with current legislation.

Postage and Packaging Services

ReAgent’s full colour label design service was used to design and print labels for the finished products. After mixing chemicals, ReAgent exported the blends to Taiwan in 25 litre containers.

“As specialist toll manufacturers we are proud of our reputation for quality products and flexible manufacturing. The many repeat orders we receive are testament to the safe, professional and supportive service we offer to all our customers.”

– Darren Wilson, Sales Director at ReAgent


Were able to develop their safe anti-bacterial products and were satisfied with the product, so returned to ReAgent for help with supplying and mixing other chemical formulations. They have ordered the special blends on a number of further occasions.

ReAgent could package and export the products, and can assist with exportation all over the world, as well as offering full assistance with export and shipping agent paperwork including Dangerous Goods Notes.

“We were pleased to be given the opportunity to work on such an exciting project and look forward to developing our working relationship in the future.”

– Richard Hudson, Managing Director of ReAgent

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