With its headquarters in Canada and locations around the world, M.G. Chemicals is a privately-held manufacturer and wholesaler of chemical products for the electronics industry, including cleaners and coatings. They place a strong emphasis on the quality of their products, services, and processes, and exceptional quality was something they needed when looking for a chemical packing company in the U.K.

What Were M.G.’s Challenges?

M.G. has recently incorporated into the U.K. and set up a logistics warehouse. Shipping pre-packed chemical products from Canada to the U.K. was prohibitive due to high transportation costs, so they needed a local chemical packing company in order to become more cost-efficient. 

Their criteria in selecting a U.K.-based company were quality, cost-efficiency, and a flexible, high-grade packing facility.

Jason Rogers, M.G. Chemicals’ Senior Vice President, said, “I wanted to short-list three packing companies in the U.K., and ReAgent came highly recommended from several of my associates in the industry. I went to meet all three short-listed companies, and ReAgent was absolutely what I was looking for. They ticked all the boxes.”

Why M.G. Chose ReAgent

Jason went on to say, “when we visited ReAgent, we were very impressed with their new packing facility and warehouse. It was set up in exactly the way we had been looking for, and their quality management system was excellent. They were also very competitive on cost, which was another important factor for us.” M.G. Chemicals contracted ReAgent to perform their U.K. chemical packing.

MG Chemicals products being manufactured at ReAgent’s state of the art factory

M.G. Chemicals’ products being packed at ReAgent’s state-of-the-art factory

How ReAgent Helped

During the initial phases of working together, the entire set-up process went very smoothly and according to Jason, “ReAgent executed our requirements very efficiently.” We have also heard from M.G.’s Chairman who is impressed with the way that we are handling the account, from their Quality Control team who are extremely pleased with the high level of quality we provide, and from their Purchasing team who find us very easy to work with.

ReAgent was absolutely what I was looking for. They ticked all the boxes. – Jason Rogers, Senior Vice President, M.G. Chemicals

The Results

The biggest result that M.G. has seen is in time-saving. The move from exporting pre-packed chemicals to having the product packed in the local market by an efficient, quality packing company has saved M.G. up to three times the time and has allowed them to take their products to market much more quickly. As Jason said, this is a “very big deal!” 

He went on to say that, “with the service and the results that ReAgent provides, we would not hesitate to expand the number of products we have with them and we would definitely recommend them – they provide great quality and great service.”

The chemical packaging process for M.G. Chemicals

Here’s what our chemical repacking service looks like for M.G. Chemicals:

ReAgent labels MG Chemicals products

1. Bottles are labelled on our semi-automated labelling equipment

ReAgent fills MG Chemicals product bottles

2. The bottles are then filled with the chemical

ReAgent seals MG Chemicals product bottles

3. The screw caps are securely fitted to a certain torque

ReAgent packs MG Chemicals products ready for shipping

4. The final product is packaged ready for shipping

Want to see more? Watch the video of our chemical packaging services in action for M.G. Chemicals:

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