Chrome Illusion supplies silver and chrome spray-on coatings. These coatings can be used on almost any substrate from glass for mirrors and 3D models to alloy wheels and pieces of sculpture. Spraying on this 100% reflective coating is a much quicker and easier application method than traditional methods. Not only do Chrome Illusion supply the coating, but they also make and supply the equipment and systems that enable their customers to apply the product themselves. Additionally, they also train customers worldwide in coating application. Chrome Illusion is the first company of its kind in the UK. 

Tony Spring, founder and MD, started the company 18 years ago with the aim of being the best in a niche industry. 

Initial Challenges

With no one in the UK supplying a similar product or having a similar service offering, Tony went to a company in Florida to undertake his initial training and purchase products. When he returned home he quickly found that the system didn’t perform to his expectations, and the coating needed heat to be at its most effective. In the cooler climate of northern England, the quality simply wasn’t good enough.

Undeterred, Tony found a company in Canada where he went to do his advanced chrome-plating training – in the middle of winter. Again, he purchased products from them but found numerous quality issues when he returned home. This was compounded by the fact that the time difference meant he couldn’t solve any issues as quickly as he needed to.

Tony’s solution? He would start experimenting with different formulas and making the coating himself. He began by researching, using basic chemistry knowledge, and conducting many tests before getting a breakthrough that allowed him to get to the next stage when the testing would began again. After two years, Tony had created his own chrome solutions and had some basic formulas that he could take to market.

A Better Solution

During this period, Tony got in touch with a local chemical coating manufacturer, ReAgent. He visited our facility and started purchasing the products he needed to manufacture his coating. Tony says, “ReAgent gave me great advice and were totally supportive from day one. I started off buying the odd product but I knew the formula I had could be improved so I decided to talk to ReAgent about it. I worked really closely with them and we’ve tried lots of different formulations to get it closer to where I wanted to be – and the end result is a high quality, consistently effective chrome coating for my customers.”

Over the last ten years we have worked with Tony to continually develop and improve the coating. Tony goes on to say that:

“This process has been a real learning curve and the product has improved significantly. Now that ReAgent manufactures the coating, I know that every batch I buy will have been rigorously quality-checked and will be exactly the same as the last batch I bought and the next batch I’ll buy. Their batch numbering system also means that if there are any problems, they can be identified immediately. ReAgent has also provided me with comprehensive material safety data sheets (MSDS). I have total peace of mind.” 

The Results

The business to Chrome Illusion has grown by 150% over five years, and ReAgent was able to work with them through their scale-up. Their prestigious clients include Norton motorbikes, whose original Isle of Man TT race bikes are chrome plated with our formula and new production bikes based on this TT bike are also about to be launched. 

What does the future hold?

Tony says, “Now that I have the backing of top quality, cost-effective chemicals, I’m in the position to progress and try new things. When I want to do that, ReAgent is there to provide the technical advice I need. Being able to pick up the phone to someone I know is going to help me is something I can’t put a price on.”

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