Q-Biotechnologies has been a leading developer and supplier of innovative persistent hand and surface disinfectants for the last 15 years, providing cutting-edge solutions predominantly to companies working in infection control and prevention worldwide. As Principal Scientific Officer, Andrew Kemp had created a formulation that needed a professional chemical manufacturing company to make a commercially viable product.

What Were Q-Biotechnologies’ Challenges?

Andrew says, “I had invented and produced a chemical formula in our labs, and I needed to move it from something that could potentially be ground-breaking for our clients to a commercially available product that was mixed, bottled, and labelled by a professional chemical company that would stand scrutiny. I basically needed to go from bench-top chemistry to full production.” 

After almost a year of visiting various companies and looking at production models and systems, and finding out what the companies were like to engage with, Andrew visited ReAgent.

Why Q-Biotechnologies Chose ReAgent

One of Andrew’s colleagues had come across ReAgent and recommended us. Andrew duly arranged to visit our manufacturing facility in Cheshire. He says that:

“My first impressions were exactly the same as they are now – ReAgent is professional, well-managed, friendly, open, and they really wanted to help. They have been fantastic.”

How ReAgent Helped

ReAgent took the chemical formulation that Andrew had created for a hand and surface sanitiser and manufactured a commercially viable product. This included both blending and packing the product, as well as delivering worldwide. Throughout the process, the team at ReAgent was on-hand to help the Q-Biotechnologies team get exactly what they wanted, with Andrew saying, “ReAgent is excellent to work with and they engage really well with our team.”

The Results

Sales of the new product have been better than forecast, and the relationship between Andrew’s team and ReAgent is extremely productive. Andrew says, “the ReAgent team has a can-do approach and I could not be more complimentary about them. It’s like having a couple of extra employees on my team – I’m really happy with the way we work together and I would definitely recommend ReAgent.”

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