Ubichem supplies technical solutions into the sciences, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agrisciences industries. More than two decades ago, ReAgent started purchasing raw materials from Ubichem, and eventually formed a strong business relationship. From there, Ubichem started using ReAgent’s chemical manufacturing services, and a true partnership was formed.

Supplying high-quality products for more than two decades

Just some of the products ReAgent started to supply a couple of decades ago and still supplies to Unichem include silver nitrate and sodium chloride. Both of these chemicals are used in the manufacture of wound care products as their properties mean they can kill cultures and minimise the risk of infection.

Meet Sarah Ross, Ubichem’s Business Development Manager

We spoke to Sarah Ross from Ubichem about her working relationship with ReAgent. Here’s what she had to say:

“I like to work with ReAgent because I find that the people there are easy to work with. They’re very friendly, very professional. Nothing is a problem. Everything is reasonably flexible. If we do have a problem, it’s handled in a professional manner. Very accurate information is fed back out.

“I myself need quite a lot of assistance from the team members here at ReAgent, and I get that. And that’s massively helpful, certainly to me.”

How do you see your relationship with ReAgent developing?

“The service that ReAgent provides us is good, is very positive, so we’re certainly in a position where more business could come to ReAgent, depending on what we do in the future, and we’re certainly growing our business so there’s potential there.”

Would you recommend ReAgent?

“I would recommend ReAgent purely and simply based on the level of service that I’ve received over the past 15 months. 

“As a key account manager for one of Ubichem’s biggest accounts, I have to be sure that they get what they need, but in order for them to get what they need, I have to get what I require, and I would recommend ReAgent based on the fact that I’ve had no issue in the time that I’ve dealt with them on the project. 

“If anything, I’ve had assurance that what ReAgent offers is of very high standard. I’ve had assistance, and any queries I’ve had, I think the knowledge here is immense, and I’ve learnt a lot from ReAgent.”

Watch Sarah’s video here:

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