The Thrust teams running the BLOODHOUND project have held the world land speed record for over 25 years. The current land speed record stands at 763mph and is held by ThrustSSC. A massive team of designers, scientists and engineers are pulling together in a workshop in Bristol to ensure the BLOODHOUND SSC is ready for its record attempts. In the process, it’s hoped that the project will inspire a new generation of people interested in pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects.

Britain has held the world land speed record for over 30 years so the Thrust teams are focused on protecting it. Before the BLOODHOUND SSC makes its record attempt, it will undergo dry runs and thorough testing – this is where ReAgent’s products come in.

BLOODHOUND’s Objective

During the manufacture of the BLOODHOUND SSC, the team’s main objective was to ensure the car would be safe to operate and wouldn’t become damaged or affected during the engineering phase. BLOODHOUND contacted ReAgent in order to purchase chemicals to be used for testing and conditioning purposes.


  • IBCs of deionised water to test the Jaguar engine used in the car. The water has to be pure and be mineral-free to ensure it doesn’t corrode or contaminate parts of the engine
  • Hydrogen peroxide to be used for the passivation and conditioning of materials for the car
  • Standards are strict in the automotive industry, so our products have to be handled and packaged according to industry guidelines

The Result

Because of the overwhelming significance this project will have on the STEM industry, ReAgent decided we wanted to play a bigger part. We chose to donate the products to BLOODHOUND and in turn, we became an official product sponsor. As a result, the BLOODHOUND team have access to the necessary chemicals and we’re able to support the project by supplying goods.

Breaking the world land speed record - The BLOODHOUND Project uses ReAgent's products for testing

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