Theye Insect Spray

Client background

They deliver primarily into the leisure industry, supplying huge international airlines as well as other major markets such as pharmaceuticals, retail and outdoor extreme sports.

Business objective

This company approached ReAgent with the requirement for the filling of three different products which were to be packaged in unique, bespoke packaging.


  • ReAgent were required to come up with a way of filling a completely new and bespoke bottle with a unique capping solution
  • The quality of the whole operation – especially the quality of the filling – had to be very high as the product was to be sold into the airline industry
  • Leaking bottles and malfunctioning containers were not acceptable and any mistakes would have led to potentially dangerous consequences

“The team at ReAgent took the time to fully understand all of our needs before offering a solution. They helped us source an alternative hand sanitizer and worked with us as a team to solve our bulk packaging issues. They made a potentially difficult project very easy.”

Nick Barker, Managing Director

Our solution


We found a non-hazardous, water-based sanitizer which was just as effective

We used our industry contacts to help with the sourcing of their raw materials, ensuring that materials were of the highest possible quality and value.

At ReAgent, we take full responsibility to ensure adherence to safety legislation in all the work we’re involved with. We noticed that an existing sanitizer that was being used was too dangerous to be taken on airlines, so we proposed a safer alternative. We offered a non-hazardous, water-based sanitizer instead, which was just as effective.

We worked with them to come up with a bulk packaging solution. In order to streamline the supply chain, we delivered the products direct to a sub-contractor, with all preparation completed for ongoing work


Thanks to our successful work together on this project, We have developed a strong, ongoing business relationship and we will carry on supplying to them in the future.

“We would like to recommend ReAgent as a conscientious and a highly professional company. The team at ReAgent are there to help and guide through every step of contract filling.

Theye completed in-depth research on contract fillers and during this process we visited many contract filling plants before we decided on using ReAgent. We found ReAgent to be a friendly team who were there to help and advise on every detail, they would even take on board issues that arose outside the role we contracted them to do.

We have no hesitation in handing all our filling contracts and even the running our projects from order to completion over to ReAgent. In a word: brilliant!”

Nick Barker, Managing Director

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