Bloodhound Project Update

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

15th June 2017

ReAgent is a sponsored supplier of the BLOODHOUND SSC Project, which aims to break the land speed record by creating a SuperSonicCar that can travel at 1000 MPH. 


During the manufacture of the BLOODHOUND SSC, the team’s main objective was to ensure the car would be safe to operate and wouldn’t become damaged or affected during the engineering phase. BLOODHOUND contacted ReAgent in order to purchase chemicals to be used for testing and conditioning purposes.

Materials Supplied to BLOODHOUND by ReAgent

  • IBC’s of deionised water to test the Jaguar engine used in the car. The water has to be pure and be mineral-free to ensure it doesn’t corrode or contaminate parts of the engine
  • Hydrogen peroxide to be used for the passivation and conditioning of materials for the car
  • Standards are strict in the automotive industry, so our products had to be handled and packaged in accordance to industry guidelines


Scheduling Update

The team behind the BLOODHOUND SSC Project aims to test the car on the runway at Newquay Aerohub later in 2017. The target date has not yet been announced, but Project Director, Richard Noble recently said:

“We will keep you updated and continue to be grateful for the extraordinary enthusiasm and support shown by all our friends and followers around the world. We look forward to you being with us as we embark on the next and most exciting phase of this Engineering Adventure.”

Richard Noble, Project Director

Richard Noble, Project Director of BLOODHOUND SSC | ReAgent Chemicals.

Engineering Update

Recently taken from a newsletter sent out by BLOODHOUND SSC, the team gave this update in regards to the engineering status of the SuperSonicCar:

  • Our Build Team have been continuing to assemble the Car in its runway specification, ready for 250mph trials at the Newquay Aerohub later this year.
  • The Team has also test fitted and calibrated the power steering system. (Did you know that our Car has a steering ratio of 5 degrees, compared with around 20 degrees for a regular car? This means BLOODHOUND SSC has a turning circle of 240m!)
  • Systems Engineer Milton Roach has been flat out (literally) working on the cockpit wiring loom. It’s being wired up on a mock-up, before being transferred into the Car.
  • AirBorn have been measuring up for the car’s wiring loom. #BLOODHOUNDisGo

Are you interested in reading more about the BLOODHOUND SSC Project? Head over to their website for more information: 


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