7 of the Best Chemistry Resources in 2021

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

2nd December 2020

We know our readers love spending time browsing social media and websites to get their science fix from online chemistry resources. To give you a hand, we’ve put together a list of our seven favourite chemistry resources in 2021, which we believe are some of the best out there.

Our list includes blogs, videos, infographics and more, because gone are the days when you could only read about chemistry by burying your head in a thick, word-heavy textbook. There are fantastic chemistry resources out there that make chemistry fun and relevant to your daily life and interests. We applaud the creators of these top chemistry resources for helping to remove the old-fashioned stigma that science is boring, and for keeping us entertained and informed along the way!

Entertaining Chemistry Resources


AsapSCIENCE is a popular YouTube channel set up by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, and it’s jam-packed with interesting science videos.

It includes whiteboard-style videos integrated with footage of the two creators discussing scientific matters in a funny, chatty way. AsapSCIENCE delves into those unsolvable questions you may have found yourself contemplating with friends such as ‘Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?’ and ‘What if you stopped Sleeping?’

You won’t want to miss AsapSCIENCE’s take on life’s biggest mysteries, so you can follow them on twitter.


2. Minute Earth

Minute Earth is a YouTube channel that shares “Science and stories about our awesome planet”. It’s your chemistry resource to find out scientific answers to questions about the earth. For example, do you know where the earth’s water comes from, or what the biggest organism on earth is?

The videos are comprised of drawings and photos and are all just a few minutes long, so you can be informed about original scientific subjects without having to sit through long stretches of footage.

You can follow Minute Earth on twitter to stay updated.


3. ACS Reactions

ACS Reactions is a YouTube channel hosting a series of videos from the American Chemical Society.

The channel was created by Adam Dylewski, and on it you’ll find regular uploads of time-relevant videos. A recent video is entitled ‘Can Pheromones Get You a Date?’ and was uploaded just in time for Valentine’s Day. You’ll also find videos explaining the science behind what you do or use every day. The videos answer all the questions you’ve been pondering over the years, such as ‘How Does Moisturiser Work?’ and ‘Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other’s Butts?’

It’s an interesting, well-presented resource, and you can stay up-to-date with new videos by following ACS Reactions on twitter.


Chemistry Education Resources

For access to informative blogs about all the different aspects of chemistry education, you can head over to our chemistry education resources page, where we discuss everything from chemistry apprenticeships to the study of key disciplines.

4. Compound Interest

Compound Interest is the home to the colourful range of infographics that are always circling social media. This website aims to explore everyday chemical compounds and is ran by Andy Brunning, a chemistry teacher in the UK.

Andy creates quirky graphics to present the chemistry in things we come across pretty much every day; from food to fireworks to the colour of paint. Don’t forget to follow Compound Interest on twitter to find the hugely shareable infographics that are uploaded.

chemistry-resources-The Chemistry of Chocolate
Infographic is a creation of Compound Interest


5. Chemistry Hall

Chemistry Hall is a great educational blog and chemistry knowledge-sharing hub run by an expert chemist. Its aim is to make it easy for people to understand different concepts of chemistry and why and how chemistry is so important.

Full of great content such as fun facts, educational resources, and research highlights, Chemistry Hall takes a complex subject and makes it accessible for everyone.

Chemistry Teaching Resources

6. Labsolutely

Labsolutely is run by Vittorio Saggiomo, a chemist who is creating videos to show the public how much fun you can have in a science lab. Saggiomo refuses to get bogged down in the boring “standardised way of scientific writing” and instead shows the “naked truth” of what goes on in a lab.

You might enjoy the short videos he has created such as ‘Mario Bros Chromatography’, which shows a tune being played by whistling into test tubes, and a video of a small racing car whizzing around the lab for some Friday entertainment. Don’t miss out on the witty comments and great shares from Saggiomo by following him on twitter.


7. C&EN

C&EN is an informative source of Chemical and Engineering News. The site is filled with regular articles and news about the chemical, life sciences and laboratory worlds.

As well as articles, you will find interactive graphics, science quizzes and videos on C&EN. Take a look at this interactive graphic which demonstrates the journey your food goes on once you’ve swallowed it: it’s a great way to teach students about complex topics in a fun and interesting way. C&EN’s twitter page is a great chemistry resource to find the latest science news and stories of interest.

The above chemistry resources provide diverse way to stay in the loop about chemistry news and to gain knowledge on some of the subjects you’ve always wondered about. If you want access to resources about careers in chemistry, you can also visit our careers resources page.


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