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After graduating from Lancaster University in 2013, Amy joined ReAgent in early 2014 as a Marketing Assistant. She is responsible for creating regular blogs and managing ReAgent's social media accounts, as well as producing video content as part of our online marketing plan.

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10 Instagram Accounts you should follow for Science

Amy Hawthorne

18th May 2015


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With the increasing use of the phrase “Science Meets Art“, people are realising more and more how we can see the beauty in science. With this in mind, some major science publications have extended their social media presence to Instagram, so anyone interested in science or art can experience science through visual media. Here are… Continue reading »

Eco-Absorb Product added to our Range

Amy Hawthorne

11th May 2015

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Colorful Oil Slick Ripples

We’d like to let our customers know about a new product we’re adding to our range, which can be purchased when browsing our online chemical store. The product is known as Eco-Absorb and we’re sure it will be a welcome addition for our customers that want to provide a safer working environment. What is Eco-Absorb?… Continue reading »

Chemicals in Film: 20th Century Fox orders Products

Amy Hawthorne

4th May 2015

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Funky-Lindsay-Miss Peregrine

20th Century Fox orders Glycerol for Major Film 20th Century Fox is the film company that brought some of the biggest movies ever to the screen; Avatar, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes and Taken – to name just a few. Fox have ordered chemicals from ReAgent before – to use both for behind-the-scenes purposes… Continue reading »