ReAgent Acquires Distilled Water Business from Aura Innovations

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

16th June 2014

Customers of Aura Innovations may be wondering why they are directed to ReAgent’s website when they visit the Aura Innovations homepage.

This is the case because ReAgent has acquired Aura Innovations’ distilled water business, as Aura Innovations have decided to pass this on to focus on their core business.

ReAgent has acquired both the distilled water business, along with some hi-tech equipment that has enhanced our factory. We invite existing customers of distilled water from Aura Innovations to contact us, as we can continue supplying you with the same service you received from Aura Innovations. 

What has ReAgent gained?

Distilled water is the purest form of water you can buy. ReAgent already houses market-leading water distilling technology, and we now have the capability to store and supply the water in even larger amounts.

We’ve gained a complete list of new technology and water products, which have been set up in our specified water production area in the same way as they were at Aura Innovations.

The new technology includes two 200 litre Polar Bear distillers, which we have installed to increase our water storage capacity and ability to output even more of the product, helping us to keep up with increasing demands.  These distillers have special bottle filler equipment for easy distribution.

The distillers come with the added benefit that the water can be passed through a UV treatment, which removes impurities even further as part of the purification process.

We have also been able to add an additional pack type to our water packaging options. We can now stock water in blue PET bottles, which are more similar to a consumer bottle and may suit certain markets more than our previous options.

Customers of Aura Innovations

Aura Innovations have passed on their water distilling business as they have decided to concentrate on their core business, which involves supplying infection control to dentists.

Aura Innovations have expressed on their homepage that they’re confident that ReAgent will continue to serve their customers’ needs in a highly professional way – and this is a promise we echo to all existing customers of Aura Innovations. We have already started to supply a large number of their customers, who have been satisfied to use us as their new water supplier.

Our water products will carry both our logo and Aura Innovations’ logo for the next 6 months as part of the handover process and you can be assured that both businesses are working together to ensure we maintain a consistent supply and there will be no disruption between customers and products.

If you have any questions about the handover process or would like more information about purchasing our distilled water, please contact our sales team on or call us on 0800 990 3258 and we can seamlessly become your new reliable water supplier.

For more information on our water purification process, see the video below.


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