Meet Archy! Our New Technical Sales Representative

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

28th July 2016

Archy McNair is a well experienced graduate of Paisley College of Technology with a Bachelor of Science and Chemistry. He also happens to be the latest member of our dedicated sales team here at ReAgent. 

A Great Addition to the Team

Archy started working for ReAgent in May 2016, as a technical sales representative. He works closely with the product development team in the factory, and our quality department in the lab. Ensuring that each and every product Archy is responsible leaves our factory door at the highest possible quality standard is crucial to providing our customers with a reliable product. #

Archy worked for a small company in Paisley after graduating with Bachelor of Science and Chemistry as a works chemist – overlooking quality control, laboratory staffing research and development for just over 6 years. He then moved to Abergele, North Wales to work as an Industrial Chemist  / Assistant Manager. His roles there included project management, re=designing, commissioning purchase of materials for chemical applications. Archy worked for this company for 10 years, giving him a vast smorgasbord of experience in different aspects of the chemistry industry.

Diverse Work Experience

Fast forward to 2004, Archy qualified as a retained firefighter for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

“Qualified as a retained firefighter this has involved potentially being available for call out when not in primary employment and has allowed me to help both community and to offer advice and training to on site fire team at my primary employment. In my role as a firefighter i have been trained at Fire Service College based at Moreton on the Marsh as a competent incident commander and as such can take charge in the absence of more senior ranking officers when attending incidents.”

– Archy McNair, ReAgent, Technical Sales Advisor.

Before moving to ReAgent, Archy worked for a company in Holywell as a shift manager. Developing multi skilled teams to deliver against production plan in a safe and effeciant manner abiding by regulatory oblications via FDA and MHRA.

Archy now works for us as a technical sales representative. To connect with Archy and learn more about him, head over to his LinkedIn. View our other members of staff by heading to our Management page and Sales Team page. 


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