All you need to know about ReAgent over the Festive Period!

30th December 2015

Company News

We recently posted about the Secret Santa event that took place in the ReAgent offices the other week, but we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss once again any information you may have about ReAgent trading over the christmas and new year period – this post should explain any questions you have! 

It’s Quite Straightforward…

We shut the factory doors on 23rd December at 4:50pm (just like any other day) but we stopped taking orders after the 18th December this gave the guys and girls in the factory time to get existing orders manufactured and dispatched in time for delivery within 2015. We still allowed people to call and place orders between 18th December and 23rd December, however we stressed to every customer that their product may not be delivered within 2015 – and if so would be dispatched as soon as we returned to the office on 4th January 2016. 

ReAgent Group Selfie from our New Group Photograph!

If anybody has any questions over this period and would like to get in touch with anybody from ReAgent, your best chance is to message us on Social Media – such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Since we do not have any body in the offices over this period, calling our normal sales number on  0800 990 3258 may not be the best method! Drop us a message on social media and I will personally do my best to reply to any queries over the christmas period.

ReAgent Reviews another Successful Year!

I recently wrote a post looking back over some of the most memorable moments of 2015, and events that have been of huge success for ReAgent. Allowing us to have a massively successful and beneficial year for ReAgent and all of the team! You can discover how this year has brought new opportunities and generated some great custom for us, in our 2015 Year Review.

So from all of us at ReAgent, we hoped you had a lovely Christmas and have a lovely New Year! See you all in 2016! 


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