100% Quality Mark in Achilles Audit

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

23rd January 2015

Following an assessment we have undergone from Achilles, we’ve received a certificate to show we passed a Category A Audit.

The audit assessed us on Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices and procedures and we were pleased to receive the following marks in our Management System Evaluation:

  • Quality: 100%
  • Environment: 88.7%
  • Health and Safety: 86%

We’re a registered supplier with Achilles. Achilles has an online location where buyers can find a collection of pre-qualified suppliers and it provides a database for companies to browse, in the knowledge that suppliers will be verified to deal in even highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical and automotive.

We initially registered following a customer request – we had to be qualified to supply that customer with tankers of demineralised water.

In order to pass the audit, we had to prove our compliance with a strict set of guidelines. This list does not cover all guidelines in the audit, but gives the general idea of some aspects of the assessment:

  1. Demonstrate that we have a formal document control process in place
  2. Demonstrate how we induct new employees and visitors into the business
  3. Demonstrate that a training matrix is in place for all staff and how we monitor effectiveness of training
  4. Demonstrate how working hours are monitored and managed
  5. Demonstrate that we have competent health and safety support
  6. Implement and maintain documented procedures to identify hazards and assess risks
  7. Demonstrate the formal records of communication within the company
  8. Demonstrate that all workers have been given guidance on proper handling, storage and use of PPE
  9. Demonstrate medical points throughout facility and show we have a nominated person who reports all accidents and incidents
  10. Show documents on aspects of the business that impact the environment

You can visit the Achilles website for the full content of Category A Audit.Audit_Certificate[1]

We also hold a number of other accreditations and certificates which show our dedication to Quality, the Environment and Health and Safety.

You can find out more about our accreditations by visiting our page on Quality – see why ReAgent is such a trusted and reliable supplier.


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