7 Reasons you should join Chemicals Northwest

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

5th June 2014


ReAgent is part of the largest industry in the UK; the chemical sector. To stand out in this sector, we have to constantly look for ways to improve and be ahead of the competition.

That’s why we appreciate support from organisations such as Chemicals Northwest, which sets up networking events and projects, as well as provides information about key issues in the industry, giving us confidence that ReAgent will never be left behind.

Here we’ve compiled our reasons – which are by no means definitive – for being a proud member of Chemicals Northwest.

1. Chemical Industries Association

Chemicals Northwest is now owned and supported by Chemical Industries Association, the “most powerful collective voice in the industry”, which represents chemicals and pharmaceutical businesses in the UK.

2. Access to fresh industry information

Chemicals Northwest ensures its members understand emerging issues in the UK chemical industry, so we’re always prepared for any changes or advancements and we remain current.

Chemicals Northwest distributes a magazine, Elements, where members can read about all they need to know. This reliable source of information helps us to continue to improve our services, as we get to hear about the best materials for safety and the environment, changes in the market and any alternative methods that would be useful to us and our customers.

3. Networking and learning events

As a member, ReAgent receives free or reduced entry to networking and learning events run by Chemicals Northwest. These events provide us with the chance to meet other businesses in the industry and set up new contacts; our address book is growing substantially as there are over 150 members and that number increases each year.

Chemicals Northwest conducted a survey and found that 85% of members stated that their main reason for joining the organisation were the chances to network and share information. This is a statistic that reflects our own stance on the organisation, as we’ve gained valuable customers from previous events run by Chemicals Northwest.

4. Advertising and exposure

Members can receive exposure in both the organisation’s magazine and directory.

The magazine places a strong focus on the members and includes any news of note, as well as features members, which is priceless publicity for us. Additionally, members have the opportunity to advertise, which is useful for when we want to share information about our services.

The members directory gives ReAgent exposure to a group of people that may require our services and get in touch with us. Being a member of Chemicals Northwest automatically gives us a profile on their website and entry into the directory

5. Support with regulation issues

Regulation is rigid in the chemical industry and there are countless rules to follow to ensure products are suitable for use in the UK.

Chemicals Northwest provides support with the strict regulation issues. Being knowledgeable about all of the standards in the industry means our customers can be assured that their products adhere to regulations and we take full responsibility for that, so our products will always be safe and legal.

6. Opportunity to present ReAgent


Darren Wilson speaking about life at ReAgent

We are given the chance to speak at networking events and widen our visibility, so we can spread the word about the services we offer.

We exhibited at a Chemicals Northwest Breakfast Event earlier this year, where our Sales Director, Darren Wilson, spoke about life at ReAgent and our goals for the future.

After the talk, we had the opportunity to chat to new people in the chemical sector who we hope to be working with long into the future. The Breakfast Events are held regularly and around 40-60 people attend each time, so it’s a great opportunity to exhibit to a wide audience.

7. Support for the chemical industry

Chemicals Northwest supports the growth of the chemical industry and aims to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the industry by proving information and support for those in the industry

Key areas of focus include creating opportunities for people to grow and promote their business, and contributing to the industry’s voice as well as improving the image of the sector, at a regional and national level.

If your business is part of the chemistry-using industries in the Northwest, then you may want to consider joining this community, where you can get the assistance, publicity and contacts needed to grow. 


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