6 Months in Our New Factory

Lucy Bell-Young

by Lucy Bell-Young

31st October 2018

Time flies when you’re having fun. This is the exact sentiment ReAgent shares as we celebrate reaching 6 months in our new 38,000 square foot factory.

Back in April, we announced our move into a brand new, purpose-built factory that more than tripled our manufacturing space. 6 months later, it feel as though we have always belonged to the factory on 11b – 13 Aston Fields Road. A lot of things have happened in half a year, most of which have been facilitated by our new premises.

2 adjacent offices with glass walls and blue carpet

Hosting a Meeting for SoftSlide

ReAgent’s new manufacturing facility was christened in April when we had the pleasure of hosting the next meeting for the partners of the SoftSlide Project.

In case you haven’t heard, the SoftSlide Project is a European consortium that is dedicated to bringing about a new dynamic seal generation. As partners of this project, ReAgent’s first meeting in its new factory was for our fellow partners.

We used the factory to demonstrate to the consortium how we manufacture their innovative sol-gel release coating. Our new meeting room was also where we made the decision to scale-up our batch sizes of this release coating from 1L to 100L – and, in the future, our new factory will also see us leap up to 1000L.

3 men sat at a large office desk during a meeting

In November 2017, our Sales Director, Darren Wilson (left), joined the SoftSlide project partners in their meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Less than 6 months later, ReAgent would be hosting the next important meeting at its new manufacturing facility.

New Water Treatment Plant

One of the biggest developments made in the last 6 months is the installation of our new water treatment plant. This exciting addition was up-and-running by June and has enabled ReAgent to continue growing into the future as a leading supplier of high-purity water.

The new water treatment plant is comprised of 2 separate systems: a deionised water ring main and a high-purity water ring main. This separation allows us to fill higher quantities in a more efficient way.

The new additions and features our water plant benefits from have meant that we are manufacturing a higher quality of water than ever before:

  • It functions at a higher velocity than before, meaning that the water gets polished more whilst reducing the build-up of biofilm
  • There are no dead legs, minimising the presence of impurities and bacterial growth
  • It benefits from a higher capacity of UV treatment to help control bacterial contamination. It also contains a second UV filter to maximise purity
  • The water storage vessels are fitted with spray balls, which prevent condensation from forming
  • Our new system includes a conical base, which allows us to drain the tank periodically without leaving any residue behind

ReAgent’s new water treatment plant has become a valuable asset to our business, and we would not have been able to expand in this way had it not been for our increased manufacturing space.

A front shot of a road tanker outside a factory

ReAgent’s new water treatment plant is capable of filling 3 x 25,000L road tankers in a single day.

New Clean Room

With over 38,000 square feet at our disposal, a new water plant isn’t the only thing we were able to install in the last 6 months. Last month, we introduced a new clean room to our facility so that we could fulfil the stringent requirements of our new customers as we prepare to manufacture products for medical devices.

A clean room is a facility that maintains an environment that is free from contaminants like airborne organisms or small particles. Our new clean room has been purpose-built to meet specific dimensions and to accommodate the processes we will be carrying out:

  • It is much larger than our last clean room, allowing operators to move freely
  • Its shape has been designed so that our process is as streamlined as possible
  • It is walled by heavy duty, polythene sheets which allow it to be moved whilst maintaining a continuous circulation of clean, filtered air

But the new additions to our manufacturing facility don’t just stop at a clean room and water treatment plant. The increased space has also enabled us to install larger mixing vessels, as well as a vital storage option that has been added to the factory floor.

A person wearing a blue lab glove holding a small glass ampoule

As ReAgent moves closer towards achieving the ISO 13485 accreditation, the team has installed a new cleanroom so that we can meet the stringent requirements of manufacturing products for medical devices.

New Pallet Racking

The main issue ReAgent experienced in its old factory was the lack of storage space. We were literally bursting at the seams and needed to expand our premises to keep up with our clients’ demands.

We quickly made our new premises feel like home by installing brand new pallet racking throughout the factory floor. The 38,000 square foot facility now boasts wide-aisle pallet racking that accommodates the needs of our expanding business. They include:

  • Galvanised steel beams and uprights
  • Adjustable beam heights
  • A 2500kg loading capacity per level
  • Easily accessible pallets
  • A flexible and adjustable design
  • Anti-collapse mesh backings

Installing new pallet racking has really helped ReAgent settle into the rhythms of the new factory by giving us the room to grow and expand.

Blue and orange pallet racking in a factory

ReAgent’s new pallet racking maximised our storage capacity, allowing us to expand into the future without hindrance.

Settling into the New Premises

There has been a variety of new additions made to the factory, and a host of exciting meetings that have been held in our new spacious offices. All of these milestones have made the transition a remarkable and positive experience, but sometimes it’s the little things that really help you settle in:

A cardboard moving box in a factory

Most importantly, our new premises is where we have been able to expand our business and grow into the future as one of the UK’s leading chemical manufacturers.


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