6 Exciting Projects we’ve been a part of

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

2nd April 2015

ReAgent has been part of some innovative and exciting projects, many of which have gained media attention throughout the globe.

We’ve been on-hand to supply chemicals and custom-made formulations to these projects and we’re thrilled that some have even made TV appearances and had backing from huge celebrity names.

1.     BLOODHOUND Project


We’re a Product Sponsor of the world’s fastest car. Amazingly, engineers and scientists working on BLOODHOUND SSC are aiming to reach speeds of 1000 MPH and we’ll find out next year if they were successful.

It’s not just us who are making a song and dance about this; the BLOODHOUND SSC is being supported by some of the biggest brands around the world. Jaguar, The Royal Air Force, Rolls-Royce, The British Army and Castrol are all backing the project.

Development of the exciting project is being documented in online and print media pretty much every day, and it’s hoped that the record-breaking mission will inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers.

2.     WWII Bomber Aircraft Conservation

Dornier_12_Conservation_FeaturedA WWII German bomber aircraft known as the Dornier Do 17 had been lying on the seabed for almost 73 years when it was salvaged and delivered to the Royal Air Force Museum.

ReAgent was contacted by conservation experts involved in the project and we supplied citric acid to help conserve the airframe.

1500 models of this aircraft were built during WWII and it was known as “The Flying Pencil”. However, this is the only known surviving example and the project represents the biggest recovery of its kind in British waters: A Flying Pencil from the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

3.     Space Art Project

Space_Art_ProjectYoung entrepreneur, Josh Taylor, contacted us for help in his project which involved creating art in space – at a height of more than 100,000 feet!

The chemistry department at ReAgent worked with Josh to formulate specialist paints that would not freeze in the cold atmosphere of space.

The project was a huge success and its media coverage even caught the eye of Richard Branson – arguably the most famous entrepreneur in the world! Branson was so impressed by Josh’s ambitious mission that he personally set him the new task of creating another piece of art – this time in the dark depths of the ocean.

4.     Hamilton Ice Sculptors

Icy-Hair-216x300The first professional ice sculpting company in the UK contacted us to purchase one of our best-selling products, which would be used in the making of some unbelievable ice sculptures.

The sculptors at Hamilton are so skilled at their craft that they’ve built frozen art for major companies’ campaigns, including Audi, Smirnoff and MTV. Their work has even featured in Hollywood films and has been used by celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Elton John.

Hamilton use ReAgent’s distilled water as they require high-quality water for their masterpieces. Distilled water has had all impurities and minerals removed, so it makes the ice look pure and crystal clear.

5.     National Trust Conservation Project

Roman mosaic at Chedworth, a National Trust propertyThe National Trust exists to protect and preserve our national heritage. Lately, they’ve been working on Chedworth Roman Villa – a huge house built in Roman Britain all the way back in the second century AD! Chedworth Roman Villa was rediscovered in 1864 and amazingly, lots of the original décor was still intact.

The National Trust contacted ReAgent for our deionised water, which would be used for conservation cleaning of the historic mosaic floors that were uncovered.

The site and the mosaics are now on display for the public to get a taster of the lavish lifestyle of the ancient Romans.

6.     Smart Phone Saver

ReviveaphoneIn early 2014, young entrepreneur, Oliver Murphy appeared on the hit BBC Two show, Dragons’ Den. Oliver turned up in front of the dragons with a solution to a problem most of us have experienced – dropping our phone into water and damaging it forever.

Oliver impressed Kelly Hoppen, a well-known interior designer and entrepreneur. She described it as “brilliant” and chose to invest in the product.

Oliver got in touch with ReAgent and we were able to provide a pure solution that would “clean” phones back to health, removing the need to visit expensive and time-consuming phone repair shops.

We know there’s a lot of name-dropping in this post, but we’re very proud to be able to supply these projects that have so much public interest around them!

If you think ReAgent could be an ideal supplier for your project, please contact us. We’d love to talk about how we can work together on something amazing!


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