3 Of The Best Science Blogs

Dan Wiggins

by Dan Wiggins

25th September 2015

The online community of Scientists is ever growing. With more and more scientists, physicists, chemists and more signing up to Twitter and Facebook and posting about their work; it can be difficult to keep track of the best accounts! As well as a recognised and respected chemical manufacturer, ReAgent also has a very active social media following, So we’ve taken the liberty of summarizing our favourite Science blogs into one nice and tidy little list. Enjoy!

The Chemical Blog

Computer mockup of The Chemical Blog website

Now, we might be slightly biased here. After all, If you didn’t already know, The managing director of ReAgent, Rich Hudson, started The Chemical Blog a few years ago and it has grew in strength ever since. Now thought to be one of the most comprehensive and accurate scientific knowledge bases on the internet, it’s safe to say that we think The Chemical Blog should be ‘numero uno’ on our list. We now have an integrated store built into The Chemical Blog which you can purchase the materials discussed within the blog. It also helps to fund our time so we can keep delivering great content to you on a daily basis!

I Fucking Love Science

Now, this one may seem a little obvious considering anybody who is on Facebook has potentially heard of the amazing page that is, I Fucking Love Science. The page was created by Elise Andrew, back in 2012 and since then the page has gained a gigantic following! Now, with more than 20 Million followers, it’s safe to say that IFL Science is one of the most popular science social media account around. Approaching science in a more ‘positive’ light, IFL Science makes use of memes and jokes to engage with their users that has set the standards for popular pages and their loyalty to fans. Keep it up Elise!

Compound Interest

With the use of infographics, and perfectly summed up scientific statistics and interesting knowledge, Andy Brunning has taken his target audience by storm and created one heck of an engaging community. With an incredible amount of interactions on his social content, it’s no wonder that his infographics sometimes make it into relevant news channels for the intriguing content. Compound Interest posts about an incredibly wide range of topics, and aswell as their informative infographics their website expands on their information extremely well.

The periodic table of the elements

We truly hope you agree with our list and if there are any additional blogs that you would like to mention feel free to post in the comments below. 


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