2014 Review of the Year [Part 2]

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

31st December 2014

Yesterday, we published a post summing up the most memorable parts of 2014 for ReAgent between the months of January and June.

Today we’re covering the rest of the year, which saw ReAgent make even more exciting leaps in so many aspects of the business.


We watched chemistry demonstrations at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

We supply chemicals to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre in Widnes which are then used in chemistry demonstrations for school visits. We enjoyed a tour of the centre and even joined a local school in the viewing of an exciting chemistry show, complete with dry ice, liquid nitrogen and blowing up teachers.

We took a trip back to ReAgent’s early days

2014-july-normaWe got some information from Derek and Norma (the couple that founded ReAgent in 1977) as they took a trip down memory lane. We also spoke to their daughter, Barbara Hudson, and son-in-law, Steve Hudson.

They explained what life was like in the 70’s – made much harder by strikes and inflation – and how they defeated the odds to make ReAgent grow into the company it is today.


Concrete floor restoration

The factor had a makeover in August when the original floor was replaced. The floor was shot-blasted, grinded and then the residue was sucked up before the surface was buffed. An epoxy filler was used across the floor before it was painted blue. It now looks fresh and ready for a few more decades of chemical manufacturing.

The ALS ice-bucket challenge

August was the month where the internet became drenched with people throwing buckets of iced water over their own heads to raise money for ALS. ReAgent’s Managing Director took part and about six members of staff volunteered to soak him. It was a lot of fun for a great cause!

2014-august-als (2)


We had a cleanroom installed

We had our first cleanroom installed in the factory. The introduction of a cleanroom means we can expand the set of services we can carry out, and are now able to offer more services to the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

The cleanroom offers us an area of a known air quality where we can carry out processes in the knowledge that no impurities are present to contaminate any products.


We provided chemicals for, and became a sponsor of, BLOODHOUND SSC – the car that is set to break the Land Speed Record by travelling at over 1000 mph. The project aims to inspire more young people to get into engineering and the world record attempt takes place in 1016.



We supplied a company that had success on Dragon’s Den

Oliver Murphy appeared on Dragon’s Den to pitch his product that saves water-damaged mobile phones. He received the backing of Kelly Hoppen and approached ReAgent to request the ongoing supply of a product.

Oliver required a solution of a specific purity and strength that would prevent the minerals found in water from damaging the inner workings of a phone.

We attended CPhI Europe 2014 in Paris

Our second international trip of the year involved travelling to Paris for CPhI Europe 2014. We had the chance to look around the exhibitions (the place was huge!), most of which were held by drug manufacturers or companies involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

We met Bez at Manchester Science Festival 2014

2014-october-bezWe attended the launch of Manchester Science Festival 2014. We got to hear about the events going on at MOSI and heard fascinating speeches about the world of science; from 3D printing to the remarkable sounds of the animal kingdom. Bez from Happy Mondays was a special guest, as he had previously been scanned and replicated using a 3D printer.


We set up our website in the Netherlands

In November we took the first major step in our international plan. We had our entire website translated into Dutch and sent it live in November.

Our services are now officially available in the Netherlands and we’re taking enquiries in Dutch, which we then have translated so communication is smooth with our customers in the Netherlands. We’re looking forward to monitoring the results of this and even moving into another country.


We made some plans for 2015

Looking back over 2014, we have attended a lot of industry events; exhibitions, talks, shows and VIP launches. We’ve learnt a lot and are making the most out of the experiences by planning to exhibit at Making Cosmetics in March 2015.

Becoming an exhibitor will get our name out there and we’re looking forward to speaking with other companies at the event.

Christmas shutdown and reopen

ReAgent closed for the Christmas holidays on 23rd December and will reopen on January 5th 2015.

We hope our customers had a great Christmas and that their 2014 was as fun and productive as ours. We’re looking forward to returning in the New Year for even more exciting developments at ReAgent.


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