2014 Review of the Year [Part 1]

Amy Hawthorne

by Amy Hawthorne

30th December 2014

2014 has been a whirlwind of a year for ReAgent. It has gone so fast and yet we’ve achieved a lot; from attending events across Europe to becoming a sponsor for worldwide iconic projects.

We couldn’t fit everything from 2014 on one post, so today we’ve summed up the most memorable landmarks of the first six months in 2014.


We unveiled our new business plan

A new and ambitious business plan was unveiled to staff near the end of December 2013. Amongst the detailed business plan, we aimed to have a cleanroom installed to increase our capabilities and to begin to expand our services across Europe.

We’re pleased to say we’ve achieved both of these goals in 2014.

We supplied chemicals to Celebrity Big Brother

For anyone that can’t remember, Celebrity Big Brother 2014 included contestants such as Lionel Blair, Linda Nolan and Dappy.

ReAgent supplied hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide and distilled water for one of the Big Brother tasks. The celebrities used these chemicals to create an “Elephant’s toothpaste” experiment in a medieval-style competition.



We made investments in our digital marketing efforts

In February, we expanded our marketing team and put measures in place to improve our digital marketing efforts. This month saw the beginning of an increase in the amount of content we would produce and a more prominent online presence.

We attended Packaging Innovations

2014 was the year we pledged to attend more industry events and get our name out there. We attended easyFairs Packaging Innovations Show on 26th-27th February, where we had the chance to connect with innovative companies and come away with more efficient ways of packing at ReAgent.



We became a part of BCMPA

We decided to join the British Contract Manufacturing and Packing Association. Being part of this community means we’re invited to networking events and are easily able to offer our services to an audited list of members.

We supplied goods for counter-terrorism training

An exciting request came from a Police College for some chemical containers. The products were used for training courses in homemade explosives and assisted in educating members of the Police in how homemade explosives are engineered with often readily-available chemicals, and how to deal with the threat.

Darren Wilson gave a talk at a Chemicals Northwest Event

Sales Director Darren Wilson spoke at the Chemicals Northwest Breakfast Event on March 27th. He touched on our aspirations for the future and the organisations we receive assistance from, such as MAS, Growth Accelerator and UKTI.



We moved our websites

We made a change that we had been building up to for some time – we changed the way users can browse our sites to make it simpler.

We implemented the online divide between our two main offerings. Chemicals.co.uk became the online chemical store and ReAgent.co.uk became the site for bespoke services such as chemical blending and contract packing.


We attended the VIP Launch of the Collider Exhibition

2014-May-MOSIOn 22nd May, we went to a VIP Launch Party at MOSI as a Corporate Member. We were introduced to the uncovering of the Higgs boson and particle physicists were on-hand to explain why we collide particles at the speed of light.

We even met Richard Bacon and the surprise visitor, Brian Cox.


We contacted 11 famous figures in science

We created one of our most popular blog posts after contacting a bunch of scientists to get their original tips for those trying to pursue a career in science. We spoke to the science consultant for Breaking Bad, a Nobel Prize winner and the scientist working to reverse ageing in humans.

We acquired a distilled water business from Aura Innovations

Aura Innovations decided to focus on their core business so they passed on their technology and products to us, trusting us to serve their customers in a highly professional way. Our water products were set to carry Aura Innovations’ logo for the remainder of 2014.

We exhibited at Chemspec Europe in Budapest

Chemspec Europe 2014 was a two-day event in Hungary, which we attended for the opportunity to do some international networking.

We had our own exhibition stand within the UK Trade and Investment sector. As well as meeting with potential suppliers and customers, we had the chance to take in the beautiful culture of Budapest.


The first half of 2014 was definitely a busy and positive start to the year, but we had even more great opportunities throughout the rest of the year. See part 2 of our year review of 2014.


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