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ReAgent is a leading UK chemical manufacturing company with almost 50 years’ experience. We work with businesses across the UK and Europe to manufacture, pack and blend their chemical products and distribute them around the world. How can we help your business?

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What our customers are saying about ReAgent:

We found ReAgent via its website. We were really pleased to find a quality-approved chemical manufacturer with the flexibility and enthusiasm of ReAgent
Gary Wooton
Development Engineer
It has been a pleasure to work with ReAgent. Their level of expertise and attention to detail has allowed us to produce a much more cost efficient product with improved lead times.
Colin Bonsall
NDT Operation
ReAgent has worked closely to provide us with the specialist solutions we require. ReAgent has given us great customer service and technical support
John Toft
As a new company with a new product, we found ReAgent to be the perfect partners. Their patience and help was incredible, and the level of service we received gave us complete confidence
Becky Dare
The team at ReAgent took the time to fully understand all of our needs before offering a solution. They made a potentially difficult project very easy. In a word: brilliant!
Nick Barker
Managing Director

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